About Us

Skyline Run Farm is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

There are a large number of horses that come to this barn for training or re-homing. The farms main goal is to re-home thoroughbreds off the track. A number of the horses also come from homes that do not suit them. Some are brought in to be sold.

It is a family run farm. That enjoys spending everyday with this wonderful breed. Although thoroughbreds may be favored here, every breed is welcome.  

Jamie Haith and Deb Layman spent a long time putting plans together to have their own place.  The mother daughter pair does a nice job of finding horses in need of homes. If its not Jamie calling Deb telling her they have a new horse...Its Deb calling Jamie to tell her she found a new horse! The two of them share a love for theses animals.

Above is Five Star Stables and Skyline Run Farm. 

Photo provided by Five Star Stables.

Each one of the horses here have their own story. They have taken them in under whatever circumstances that arise. Every horse is spoiled and tended to several times a day.

The barn is located on the same property as Five Star Stables, which is a very nice boarding and training facility. For more information regarding Five Star Stables please contact Matt at 402-657-1969 or go to http://www.omahastables.com/index.html.