For Sale Under $10,000

 Fullfilled is a 16.1 hand thoroughbred. He has a very straight back with great over all conformation. He is a very quiet boy and enjoys being worked often. Fullfilled is 4 years old and started over fences. He will begin showing in the spring. Fullfilled currently teaches intermediate walk/trot lessons. He has such a great disposition. In the future this horse could be a nice, fancy 3 foot hunter or your next best lesson horse.


This horse is the perfect lesson horse! I teach all my lessons on him. From beginner all the way up to my 3'9" students! He is a very alert horse. He enjoys living outside and being in a full work program. Boyfriend is a very easy keeper and has no extra maintences. He is a 9 year old, warmblood gelding. Currently he is teaching roughly 2 lessons a day! If he is not worked he gets fat so this program works great for him!

Please feel free to come check him out! He is so much fun!!! Would make a great childrens/adult jumper!

Pictures and Video coming soon.



She is a 17 hand, bay warmblood mare! She is super kind and willing. Rasta truely has a love to work! She jumps really hard off the ground and has the scope to possibly be a mini prix horse! On the other hand though,she jumps clean enough and flashy enough for the equitation ring! She is the next best all around mare! Come put a ride on her and take her for a spin. She is quite a blast.

Pictures and video coming soon.