Rocko is a 16 hand thoroughbred. He is 8 years old and had training in hunter/jumper by a professional and has also been ridden by an amateur. He is a typical thoroughbred and can get a little hot at times but aims to please. Has great ground manners. He came to SRF from a local friend.



Ross is a four year old thoroughbred off the track. He has been off for about two weeks and is already walk trot cantering around like he has his whole life. He is super fact he is the quietest in my barn. He also is the youngest too, not sure how that works out but anyways he is looking for a home. I rescued him, he was headed to the killer. I love him so much and I plan on starting him over fences in about a week. He is super athletic and incredibly brave. The first ride I put on him we went down the road on a trail ride, by ourselves. He just is amazing and would be great for a junior looking for a good minded, cheap project to take along. Please spread the word. I have more coming in that are said to be just like him. Ross is about 16 hand bay with growing still to do.

Balloo was sold this spring. He is enjoying his life as a dressage horse! He recently just moved to Ohio with his owner because of a job transfer! Balloo has become part of their family!